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Recipe Ideas

There's a million ways to use microgreens, here are a few ideas!

Image by Pille R. Priske


Sprouts and Microgreens always pair well with sandwiches. Mix and match dozens of flavors between the meats, oils, vinegars, and microgreens

Image by Nathan Dumlao


Not a fan of the flavor or texture but want to add them into your diet? Throw them in a smoothie and cover the flavor with honey or your preferred fruit and sweeteners

Image by amirali mirhashemian

Pesto and Sauces

Add your homegrown ingredients into your favorite pesto or sauce recipe 

Image by Max Griss


Add a pop of crunch or spice in your wraps with a handful of radish, arugula or sunflower

Image by Rahul Upadhyay


Sprinkle some arugula on your favorite pizza for a nice pop of peppery flavor

Image by David B Townsend

Avocado Toast

Add a pop of color or flavor to your avocado toast

Image by Jonathan Farber


Make salads purely with microgreen mixes or enhance your salad experience with a sprinkle of color or flavor with your favorite microgreens

Image by Olayinka Babalola


Elevate your plates' visual appeal with a sprinkle of greens that you grew yourself.

Image by Scott Eckersley


Start your day off right with some microgreens sprinkled on your omelets or scrambled eggs in the morning!

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