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No matter what you are looking at microgreens for, there are benefits. So, here is why we think you should choose microgreens to add to your life!



One of the most popular reasons why people choose microgreens is their nutritional value. These little plants are nutrition powerhouses and should be a part of every meal plan, in our opinion. Real food is incredible for the body. Check out our nutrution break down page to see just what they have to offer!


Life skills and hobbies

Learning how to help seeds through germination is one of the most crucial parts of growing anything. Microgreen growing  focuses solely on the beginning of a plants life and if you can master this part of growing, you can grow anything! 


Food Security

We live in crazy times. How awesome would it be knowing that you have the means and the knowledge to continue to have your own fresh veggies if they became unavailable elsewhere? Plus, microgreen seeds can be used to grow the mature plant as well!  

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