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Thinking about jumping into growing microgreens and want to go all in? I have the perfect kit just for you that I wish I had when I got started. Here is everything that you get in this complete kit to get started right away.


  • 3 10x20" or 10"x 10" Tray sets (6 trays without holes, 3 with holes)
  • 3 bricks of organic coconut coir. (Compressed soil growing medium, just rehydrate with water!)
  • 1 half pound packet of Broccoli Seeds
  • 1 half pound packet of Arugula Seeds
  • 1 half pound packet of Kale Seeds
  • An instruction card for each type of seed, so you don't miss a day of what makes them thrive.
  • A full size spray bottle of Bob's Best Worm Tea as a nutritional additive spray for the coconut coir. Only need to spray tray once during each grow.


As a "Thank You" for supporting my small business, here's what I am throwing in for you!

  • Access to the online How-To course ($50 value)
  • QR code to download the How-To booklet
  • "Thank You" sticker pack that my kids will pick out just for you!
  • A 20% of coupon for future purchases


I picked the name of the company on purpose. My goal is to help people learn to grow microgreens, independently! They are delicious, nutritious, a simple and rewarding hobby, a way to have fresh product all year long, low maintenance and high reward, and a million possibilities if you want to turn it into a stream of income! Don't wait, let's get yours in the mail today. You got this!


Business Builder Microgreens Growing Kit

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