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Picture this, you open your door and find your first subscription box. You rip it open and see everything you need to start growing microgreens and you are so excited! Trays, seeds, coconut coir and more! You also get your access code to the online course to show you step by step what you need to do with what you just got in your first box! Your first month goes incredible. Your microgreens grow great, they taste even better! You are hooked.


A month goes by and you get your next package! Ahhh so exciting! You open it up to see a whole new batch of seeds that you didn't get last month, yay for new things! You still have access to the online course so you know you have this month in the bag. And check that out, there's more in the box! Not just new seeds, but bonus items every single month. One month you get a darling, limited edition, Plant Pun greeting card (perfect for your best friends birthday gift) and a pair of earrings! 


What you will get: 

Month 1 (Inital Order): 10"x 20" tray set, 1 coconut coir brick, 1 packet of seeds for one 10"x 20" tray grow, access to the online video course while subscription is active (valued at $50)

Month 2+: 2-3 bricks of coconut coir, 2-3 packets of seeds (each for 1 10"x 20" tray grow. 2-3 packets is determined by the exotic nature of the seed. More expensive seeds will result in only 2 being included. Less expensive seeds will result in 3 being included), plus extra merch valued at over $30! And access to the online video course while subscription is active (valued at $50)


Try out different seeds every month, enjoy extra merch and fun things valued $30+ in every box, 10% points back on every order for our website with an account, what more could a new microgreens farmer want?!


Fine Print


  • Box 1 will be processed and shipped as a regular product, after standard handling times (2-5 business days). Box 2+ will be processed on the same calendar day (Example: You ordered box 1 on November 2nd, Box 2 will process December 2nd and so on...) and shipped within 3 business days. 
  • Cancel at any time prior to the processing day of your order. Cancelling on or after the processing day means we cannot guarantee that the cancellation will be complete before the order is shipped, at that point a return can be started by the customer at the customers shipping expense. Rejected packages returned to Independent Microgreens will be treated as a return and a refund of minus $10 original purchase price will be issued. 
  • Returns accepted, refund will be minus $10 original purchase price for initial shipping cost. Shipping back to us is to be paid by customer. Must be with all unopen, unused products or return will be void.
  • 10% rewards points from every order with an account on our website. 
  • Additional merch bonus products in box 2+ will vary from 1-3 items, valued at over $30 total. 
  • While your subscription is active, you will have access to the Microgreens 101 online course. A $50 value

Microgreens Subscription Box - New Microgreens Varieties every month

PriceFrom $27.98
Price Options
One-time purchase
Microgreens Monthly
20% off. New seeds and Limited Edition Merch Monthly
$27.98every month until canceled
Skip Monthly
10% off, new box every other month
$31.47every 2 months until canceled
  • Returns accepted for a full box of unopened, unused products. Refund will be minus $10 original purchase price for initial shipping cost. Return shipping back to us is to be paid by customer.

  • Email us directly or cancel through your order form/emails BEFORE payment processing day. Payment processing day is the same numerical day as your original order. (Ordered November 2nd, Your processing day is now on the 2nd of every month until cancelled.)

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